Picture over same picture, a different framing effect

NOTE: This tutorial has been done with a previous version of Album TD, now images list and toolbar are located at bottom of the main window.

Here I will show you how to place a picture over itself to create an interesting effect.

First of all create a new blank sheet and drag the picture to it, then select the layout that better suits your needs

Drag a picture to the empty sheet

You may convert this picture which will serve as partial background to black and white

Convert picture to black and white

Drag the same picture from the pictures list to the small icon at top for adding new pictures without layout

Add a picture to the sheet without using layout

Drag this picture to the center of the other one, resize if needed and (if you want) add a small border and shadow

Add a border and shadow to the picture

Finally select the picture at bottom and change his opacity

Change picture opacity

In this sample I have left the above picture smaller for a better sight of the bottom picture but the best results are achieved with a larger central one serving the bottom as frame for it.

Picture as frame for the same picture