Design area

Adding pictures

To add pictures please drag them from File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) into the list at bottom of the design area, you may also add pictures using the button “Add pictures” at right bottom or the menu available right clicking over the pictures list at bottom.

To add pictures to a sheet drag them from the list at bottom into the sheet (left, right or middle). If you drag one picture to a picture already on this spread they will be swapped, if you drag one or more pictures to an empty place in the spread all old pictures will be replaced by the news, if you prefer to add the new pictures please press ALT while dragging and dropping the pictures on the sheet. Dropping more than one picture to a single picture in the spread has no action because one picture can’t be replaced by many.
You may drag also one picture to the border of one or two pictures, the new picture will be inserted between or at the border ( a red line appears).

At the right of the pictures list you will find an option to filter pictures by folder, you may select any combination of folders.

Moving or resizing pictures

To move a picture in his layer press CTRL / CMD and drag the mouse

To resize a picture in his layer press SHIFT and drag the mouse

To move a picture click to select it and drag the mouse. You may also select a group of pictures and move them together.

To resize a picture click to select it, then drag with the mouse from the borders or corners of the picture (in yellow). You may also select a group of pictures and resize them together.

To swap one picture with another in the same spread please press ALT and then drag the source picture to the target one, both pictures will be swapped.


(please remember that you have to use Ctrl + key in Windows and Cmd + key in Mac OS X)

Ctrl+S  Save

Ctr+N  New spread

Ctrl+O New cover

Ctrl+B New backcover

Ctrl+G New random layout

Ctrl+M Changes between single and grid view of spreads

Ctrl+1 Pictures list at bottom

Ctrl+2 Spreads list at bottom

Ctrl+3 Masks window

Ctrl+4 Backgrounds window

Ctrl+5 Clipart window

Ctrl+F Next spread

Ctrl+R Previous spread

Ctrl+Y Layouts window

Ctrl+Z Undo one step

Ctrl+A Select all shapes in the current spread

Ctrl+X Cut image/s

Ctrl+V Paste images

Ctrl+K Swap images

Images toolbar

2:3 aspect ratio mode Enables the 2:3 aspect ratio mode, the layouts shown are ready for layers fitting picture size and all resizes are done keeping aspect ratio.

 Adds a text to the sheet, you may select the color and the font. Once placed in the sheet you may resize it by dragging the text while you press Shift and change the position by dragging the text with the mouse

Switches between panoramic and double sided the layout of the active spread. In double sided spreads you may select a different layout for the left and the right side

Clicking at this icon you may select a margin around the pictures to separate them horizontally and vertically from the borders of the spread.

Sets a gap or distance between the pictures in the spread.

  Indicates if the pictures have to be placed centered or adjusting at the top left corner. If your pictures have a centered subject you will be more comfortable with the centered option.

 Flips the current sheet placing left design on right and viceversa, if you press Ctrl / Cmd while using this option the flip is in vertical placing the top part at bottom. Clipart and text doesn’t change.

Align layers at top Align layers at bottomAlign layers at middleAlign layers at leftAlign layers at rightAlign layers at center Aligns selected pictures at top, bottom, center horizontal, left, right, center vertical to the first selected picture

Equals pictures in width Equals pictures in height Equals pictures in width and height Equals the size of the selected pictures to the first selected.

Distributes evenly selected pictures in horizontal Distributes evenly selected pictures in vertical Distributes selected pictures evenly in vertical and horizontal

Drag here a picture to add a new shape without changing layout Drag here a picture to add it to the shape without changing the layout

Empties the current sheet Cleans the current sheet to start a fresh design

Opacity slider: Sets the opacity of the currently selected picture in the spread