In this tutorial you will learn how to create an album and start the sheets design using Album Turbo Design.

First you need to create a new album, therefore please select “New album” at the main menu; it will show you a window to input a file name and select a folder:

Once this step is over you will be prompted to input the album size.

You have to input the width and height including the margins, if your lab album sizes are available you may select them at the “Predefined album sizes” option.

After saving the album size a blank new album is ready to start in Album TD, with one emtpy spread. Now use Windows File Explorer or Mac OS X Finder to select some picture files to add to the album

Drag them to the pictures list at bottom of Album TD, they will be added to the album database

Press Ctrl / Cmd + M to swith to Multiple view, it can also be done in Simple view but I want to share with you how to design a few spreads all at once.

Press a couple of times Ctrl / Cmd + N to add new spreads.

And finally drag some pictures from the list at bottom into the empty spreads at top, if you drag them in the middle a new design will be created filling the whole spread. But you may drag the pictures to the 20% most at left or right, this will change the spread to double sided and the pictures will be placed in the selected side (while dragging the pics over the spread you will notice how the yellow frame changes indicating the target).

Double click at one of the spreads at bottom or press Ctrl / Cmd + M to return to simple view, now click at the margin icon in the toolbar (at right of the panoramic icon indicator), this will open a window to set a vertical and horizontal margin for the pictures in the spread.

Click now at the gap icon ( at right of the margin icon, the last used) and input the separation between pictures in the spread

Press Ctrl / Cmd + 4 to open the backgrounds window (alternatively you may select it from the main menu View of click at the backgrounds icon in the toolbar).

Click at the top left square to change the color of the left side of the spread, an OS color select will open and you may select the background color for this part.

If you click at the chain or select the same color for the right part the whole background will become filled with this color

Let’s change to multiple view again by pressing Ctrl / Cmd + M (or selecting it from the main menu menu View)

Now double click at other spread to select it and change to simple view, this can also be done by activating the spreads list at bottom of the simple view (press Ctrl / Cmd + 2 or click at the black vertical button at bottom left showing the number of pictures).

Then press Ctrl / Cmd + Y or select View – Layout from the main menu, the dynamic layouts preview will show a list of possible layouts to be used for this spread and how they would look if applied

Click at one of them and the editor will change the look of the current spread to reflect the new design

Press Ctrl / Cmd + W to close the layouts window or simply click once at the main window (the layouts window will become below the main and not visible)

Last step is save our work, press Ctrl / Cmd + S or select Album – Save all sheets from the main menu.