How to insert a picture between other pictures

You may insert a picture from the list at the middle of other 2 pictures or at the border of another. First you will learn how to insert the picture between 2 others:

Starting with 2 pictures at the design area

Insert pictures

Drag a new picture from the pictures list to the common border of the 2 pictures in the design area, a red line will appear

Insert pictures

Drop the picture and it will be inserted between the other two rearranging their size

Insert pictures

You may also insert a picture at the border ( top, left, right, bottom) of another one. Now we have a single picture at the left page

Insert picture at border

Drag one picture from the list to the left border of this picture, a red vertical line will appear

Insert image at border

Once you drop the picture the space occupied by the current picture will be splitted and the new picture inserted

Insert pictures at border