Album TD full tutorial, version 3.6

Version 3.0

Version 3.1
Moving and resizing with full control

Version 2.6 new interface

New album, add pictures and design spreads

Select images, alignment and images options

Inserting and swapping images

How to use backgrounds and masks

Panoramic and double page spread, mode 3:2

How to reorder and remove spreads

Selecting and swapping images in Grid mode.

Clipart with reduced opacity

Frequently asked questions

¿Do I need Photoshop to use Album TD?

No, you don’t need to have Photoshop installed. This application has his own design area and final sheets are JPG or TIF files.

¿Is Album TD available for Mac?

Yes, it’s available for Mac OS X ( version 10.7 or higher) and for Pc (Windows Vista or higher)

¿May I design any album size?

Yes, just input the new album size. If you have already designed some sheets they will be resized.

¿May I edit the pictures while designing?

Yes, you may edit them with the integrated images editor or just select your preferred editor in Preferences and right click at the picture, at the menu select Edit external. Once the picture has been saved Album TD will automatically update it in the sheet and pictures list.

¿May I add my own backgrounds, clipart or masks?

Yes, just drag the files into the backgrounds, clipart or masks list..

¿May I create a free hand design?

Yes, please first drag the pictures into the sheet, this will create an automatic layout; now select the picture or pictures you wan to move or resize and move them to another location or resize by dragging from the borders with the mouse. Selected pictures are marked at corners with yellow boxes

¿Which is the format used for the final sheet files?

Sheets are saved in JPG or TIF format at the resolution input for the album, you will be asked to select the target folder for this files

¿Can I export the files to Photoshop?

Yes, if you have Adobe Photoshop version CS or higher installed you may export the designed sheets to Photoshop including all layers.