Live album with Album TD


Now it’s time to merge the best of all worlds: images + movies + slideshows. The first all in one interactive album.

This new feature, available in Album TD 3.8 allows to insert movies just like images in an album showing the video at design position, movies can be resized and repositioned on his layer just the same as images.

You may also include a slideshow in your album spreads and choose from different transition modes between images.

An audio file can be added to the album and this new kind of interactive album can be viewed with any modern browser, both online (uploading the files to your own server) or in local mode.

Album TD Live album, the new interactive experience

Click at a movie to open it at larger size and hear the audio, close it by clicking at a different location in the spread. Movies can be enlarged to full screen size.

Slideshows can be viewed at larger size by clicking on them, close slides viewer by clicking again.

Each album spread may include several images and movies and slideshows, all of them playing simultaneously and any Album TD layout can be applied.

Live album can be enlarged to full screen by clicking at the right bottom icon, use side icons to select next / previous spread.

Take a look at this video tutorial