Album TD Lab Edition

A special version of Album TD for photo labs, an exceptional album design software for professional photographers, is now available to be customized for your lab.

Album TD Lab Edition

What is included with Album TD Lab Edition?

  • Your company name in the application: Album TD for XXXXXX
  • Your logo in the About window
  • A link in the main menu “Order online” to open your online shop or web page in users browser and a link to a users help page also in your site.
  • Your album sizes, including an image of the product.
  • All what comes with Album TD except the option to export to Photoshop and JPG or TIF. Album TD Lab Edition exports the designed spreads into a compressed and password protected ZIP file.
  • Version for Windows (Vista or higher) and Mac OS X (10.7 or higher). Both versions are signed with a developer certificate to be ready for Apple and Microsoft operating systems.
  • A special application for your lab to unzip the files received from your customers. The computer using this application must be connected to internet.

And the best is?

You may get this software in a pay per use basis, it doesn’t matter how small your lab is.

Album TD has been awarded as best album design software by Professional Photographer Magazine and now you can get a customized version for your lab at a very low cost.